Improve Performance and Profits
  • Fran-Pulse is designed to improve the efficiency and performance of your business, making management easier and increasing profits, from just £25 per month per user.

  • Fran-Pulse will assist you in recruiting more new franchisees and in generating more joining fees and greater royalties.

  • Fran-Pulse will help you to get new franchisees trading successfully and producing royalties quicker.

  • Fran-Pulse will help you to improve the performance and royalties from existing franchisees.

  • Fran-Pulse will help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your network and nip problems in the bud.

  • Your franchisees will feel you are adding value with better support and communication via Fran-Pulse.

  • Fran-Pulse will help protect you in the event of a franchisee dispute by keeping comprehensive records of franchisee communications.

  • Fran-Pulse will help you to generate more leads, manage and utilise them better for increased system revenues.



Software to Make Your Life Easier
  • Franchisee Recruitment

    Record and manage your franchisee recruitment enquiries efficiently and implement a long term contact programme to maximize the return on your franchise marketing spend.

  • CRM

    Collect and distribute all leads centrally, monitor how they are dealt with and power up your marketing with local franchisee contact supported by central marketing.

  • Job Management

    Seamless transition from lead to quote, conversion to client, invoicing, job scheduling and calendar management.

  • Network Management

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your network with communication records, a forum, help desk, franchisee records, document library and your online operations manual.

  • Value Builder

    A coaching tool for your support staff that will measure your franchisees’ performance against your KPI’s and produce an action plan to coach franchisees to better performance.

  • Customise it to Your Needs

    Whatever your business, Fran-Pulse can be easily customised to suit – there are over 50 franchisors from many different sectors using Fran-Pulse.

  • Link to Other Software

    Fran-Pulse is integration friendly. From web forms for lead collection, to autoresponders for outgoing marketing, accounting systems, EPOS and many more, Fran-Pulse will connect while remaining at the heart of your business.




Below We Answer Some Of The Question We Most Frequently Get Asked
For the standard version of the software, set up and installation is just £800 plus VAT and the ongoing license fee is £25 plus VAT per month, per user. Should you want to customise the software to your specific needs there are additional costs depending on the level of customisation. What many clients do is start with the standard version and then further down the line, instigate a series of small adaptions that in the long term gives them a highly bespoke software system that has grown with their specific needs.
Yes, training is included within the fee structure above.
Over fifty franchise systems of varying types use the system, so it is proven to work for most types of franchise. However, before we do anything, we will ask you about your business and make sure we are both confident that the software is a good fit for you before proceeding.
Yes, Fran-Pulse is designed to be easily customised to carry out a wide range of functions specific to individual businesses.
Yes, Fran-Pulse is cloud based, so works on any smart device with connectivity. This allows franchisees to receive leads and information on the go.
The standard version is very quick to install and easy to get you up and running without delay. It may take a little longer if you require some customisation right from the start, but while this will depend on the level of customisation, it is unlikely to cause much of a delay.
Yes, you can add and remove users yourself instantly.
Support is first class and immediate. Uptime for the system is above 99.99%, but should you encounter a problem you can email or phone a technical support person direct to get your problem resolved.

If we haven’t answered all of your questions, then please contact us.

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